Dacic says Sierra Leona has canceled recognition of Kosovo

Dacic says Sierra Leona has canceled recognition of Kosovo

Serbia's Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that Sierra Leone has withdrawn recognition of Kosovo's independence as an independent state.

"It is with great pleasure that I can show the note from the Foreign Ministry, which says that Sierra Leone is withdrawing its recognition of Kosovo," Dacic said during a visit to the African country.

According to Dacic, this means that Kosovo does not have a majority in the United Nations.

According to him, out of 193 UN countries, 92 countries recognize Kosovo's independence, 96 countries do not recognize it, while five countries have a fluid stance, meaning they recognize Kosovo but no longer vote for it.

There is no official confirmation from either Sierra Leone or the Kosovo authorities.

Serbia, for how long, is reportedly engaged in a campaign to persuade states that have recognized Kosovo to withdraw such a decision.

In response, Kosovo, in 2018, has imposed a 100% tax on products imported from Serbia.

The international community has called on both countries to stop these practices and return to dialogue on normalizing relations.