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“Our relatives are all fleeing”…, Law student message at Meta rally

Law student Oneda Skenderi spoke at the rally convened by President Meta, saying that Prime Minister Edi Rama has exceeded any boundaries and has listed a number of arguments that legitimize this rally convened by President Ilir Meta.

“To disregard the principles of the rule of law is to cross borders, to leave the country without a Constitutional Court, to deny people the right to express themselves and to silence the media, to give hope to families.

Therefore, to stop those who violate the Constitution, I am here for the sovereign’s voice to be heard and will be heard. All law students in the first year are familiar with the principles of the rule of law and the hierarchy of norms.

The constitution is, above all, inviolable. If I were asked about my relatives I would say they are gone, the professionals are leaving, the population is aging.

More irresponsibly, with uncertainty, is this sovereign’s right to seek a dignified life. One day Albania will become “, she said


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