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As a citizen, as a husband, as a parent, Basha sent a message to Ilir Meta on March 2

The day before the rally convened by President Ilir Meta on the boulevard, PD leader Lulzim Basha has announced that he will attend.

“As a citizen of my country, as a spouse and as a parent, it is my duty to gather together with my fellow citizens in defense of the constitution! Welcome tomorrow at 17:00 on the Martyrs Boulevard of the Nation! “, Basha writes in a message on social networks.

The Democratic Party, but also the DP and the SMI, have come out in favor of the rally convened by the president, stating a demand for citizens to protect the Constitution.

On March 2 at 5 pm, the head of state, Ilir Meta, has called a rally on the boulevard of Tirana in defense of the Constitution, citing Prime Minister Edi Rama called this gathering for covenants today as covenant.


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