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Partisan does not mourn defeat: Arbitrators agree with Tirana, FSHF take action

The Partizan club does not cheer the loss to Tirana and presses hard on the referees.

Statement by Partizan:
A derby game is bound to play with focus, honesty, maximum dedication to the jersey, respect for the opponent and especially the spectators. These are the basic requirements for any individual who comes down to a crowded stadium. We tried to fulfill all our obligations, but the pronounced protagonism of the refereeing team unilaterally undermined the well-being of a match that should be a model in this respect as well.

Deeply saddened by the theft of players’ sweat and the ongoing damage to the team in its performance in this championship, we ask the Albanian Football Federation to take immediate action against this arbitrary caste which, along with Partizan’s image, is damaging and the image of the Superior Division as well as the highest Football Institution in the country, increasing the dissatisfaction of sports fans with the credibility of the sport.

The story of arbitrary mistakes this season does not start and end with this derby match and belongs not only to FK Partizan, but this succession of errors creates significant shades of doubt about the one-sided treatment of key episodes in our team’s disadvantage, causing us a disservice. considerable in rank.



We as a club have consistently insisted that the sporting competition be fair and decided on the field by the players and not by a highly biased judgment that uses a different meter depending on the color of the shirt.

The tenderness that is evident in the first minutes, with 11 meters undefeated in favor, missing a red card against the opponent for antisporting behavior and continuing with 11 meters against plus red card in the first case … etc, etc. All this in the middle of the capital, in front of 20,000 spectators and thousands of viewers !!!

If a caste of pseudo-professionals is about to decide the fate of a meeting just because they can afford the whistle, then we must take action, all together, institutionally or legally.

FK Partizani has made a self-criticism before criticizing him, but for the sake of football, what happened should not be closed within 90 minutes of this derby.

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