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Silva Bino: Who suspects that coronavirus was affected by not going to the hospital, call 127

Anyone who is suspected of having coronavirus symptoms should not go to the hospital, but call the 24-hour-long, 127-hour green number to communicate with a specialist medical team.

Doctor Silva Bino, calling for maximum care by the citizens themselves, explained in detail the path to be taken to avoid the risk of infecting other people.

The head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health said that by dialing 127, the national emergency number with trained staff on coronavirus should talk to doctors by phone to explain all symptoms, and in case of strong suspicion, medical staff goes in the citizen’s apartment to create self-quarantine conditions.

Bino said so far a hospital quarantine has been set up at a hospital in the country, but without giving his name, with the argument not to spread panic to people near the area.

“If we have a contact with a patient, according to the elements determined by a team of specialists, he or she enters into a home quarantine, or further into a well-defined quarantine, a hospital facility that meets good conditions and belongs to a quarantine.

Silva Bino: Cfare duhet te kemi kujdes ne lidhje me Koronavirusin

Silva Bino: Cfare duhet te kemi kujdes ne lidhje me Koronavirusin

Gepostet von am Sonntag, 23. Februar 2020

It means isolating this person in order to avoid contact with others, and to have their own conditions, even for personal needs. Therefore a hospital was selected. I do not say the name of the hospital where the quarantine is, because it will disturb the population of that area. You will know this at the appropriate moment.

Have some confidence in us in the structures, and in me that I’m talking about, that we feel very badly suspected in everything we do, I’m very honest in what I say, and I can’t talk about things we don’t , I never do. We have set the rules on how to do either home-controlled, physician-controlled quarantine or even hospital quarantine. If it is in self-quarantine, there is a guide on how to stay in self-quarantine.

Green number: 127 national emergency number, is a trained team. There is a 24-hour guard service, through this number we deal with citizens’ concerns, sampling, providing transportation, “Bino said.

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