Armët kimike, AKIP letër Organizatës së shkatërrimit të Armëve: Mos zgjidhni Shqipërinë

armekimikeTIRANE-Aleanca Kunder Importit te Plehrave i eshte drejtuar sot me nje leter te hapur kreut te organizates se shkaterrimit te armeve kimike, Ambasadorit Ahmet Üzümcü ku i kërkohet të mos jetë Shqipëria vendi i shkatërrimit të tyre.

Ne leter AKIP thekson dhe arsyet se pse vendi yne nuk eshte ne gjendje te prese e shkaterroje armet kimike.

Ndërkohë që Partia Demokratike ka jetësuar qëndrimin e deklaruar më herët nga kryetari i saj Lulzim Basha, për ta çuar në referendum çështjen e shkatërrimit të armëve kimike. Kërkesa për referendum  është dorëzuar në Kuvend nga nënkryetari i grupit parlamentar të PD, Eduard Halimi.

Letra e plote ne versionin anglisht drejtuar Ambasadorit nga AKIP:

 Honorable Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü:

First, we take this opportunity to commend your Organization, the OPCW, and you personally for the very important work you are doing and to congratulate you on the well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize.

We are representatives of the Alliance Against the Importation of Waste (AKIP), an Albanian NGO duly registered under Albanian law.  Last year we successfully campaigned against the importation of all waste – hazardous and non-hazardous – in Albania by collecting over 65,000 signatures in support of a national referendum on this matter. Our request passed all constitutional hurdles and the referendum date was set for December 2013. The referendum became unnecessary  when the new Parliament  in Albania decreed a stop to all waste importation.

Our relief has been short-lived, however, as press reports state that Albania will accept and then destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal.  We understand the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons will make a decision by Friday on the intermediate Syrian chemical weapons destruction milestones.

We would object to any such decision that would result in Syria’s chemical weapons entering Albanian territory.  We urge Your Excellency to put our objection on the record and to join us in opposing making Albania a dumping ground.

At the 34th Meeting of the OPCW Executive Council on 5 November 2013 in the Hague, you declared that “I have reviewed the [Syrian] submission closely and have concluded that the proposal by Syria that the destruction of chemical weapons be carried out outside its territory constitutes the most viable option available to fulfill the requirements established under EC decision [EC-M-33/DEC.1] and UNSC resolution for the safe and expeditious elimination of chemical weapons in Syria.”

The Albanian people are very upset about the possibility that Albania could be considered as “the most viable option.”  We urge Your Excellency to inform the Executive Council of the following facts:

Albania is not a member in good standing of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. As you may be aware, Albania is presently in arrears and has not paid her dues to the OCPW since 2012.

Albania is not in compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention. You may note that to this day, Albania’s own hazardous chemical waste resulting from her chemical weapons destroyed in 2007, lies in Qafë Mollë – less than 10 km from the capital city of Tirana –in unsecure and unfit containers that are reportedly leaking.  Moreover, Albania does not possess a formal hazardous waste disposal site, and it will take several years to build one in accordance with EU standards.  It would thus be impossible to meet the UN-imposed deadline of 30 June 2014.  These serious shortcomings, therefore, place Albania in violation of the strong public safety and environmental protection principles and provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Albania may presently be in breach of its fundamental obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention. In that regard, we urge you to investigate reports of a huge cache of approximately 80 tons of military “surplus chemicals”, whose destruction is ostensibly being handled by the OSCE. We urge the Technical Secretariat to determine the true nature of such chemicals covered under the OSCE-Albania Agreement of 16 April 2012 and to promptly inspect and verify whether they are within any of the Schedules of the Annex on Chemicals of the Chemical Weapons Convention. If it is indeed determined that such chemicals fall within the Schedules, then Albania is in direct breach of the Convention.

Albania should not be a destination of last resort.  Our territory is small compared to that of many of the states who have already made their objections known.  Moreover, to comply with the Chemical Weapons Convention, Syria is obligated to undertake the destruction on her own territory.  Though that may presently be impractical, merely requesting of Albania to serve as a surrogate destruction venue places her unnecessarily under duress.

For all the above reasons, we believe that the Executive Council cannot in good conscience suggest, propose, recommend or decide that the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal ought to enter Albania for any reason. Albania clearly is not in a position to even be considered for such a task, which would constitute a direct violation of the spirit and letter of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Finally, we respectfully alert Your Excellency that the Albanian Constitution and laws prohibit the transfer and destruction in Albania of Syria’s chemical weapon arsenal.  Indeed, for matters of such importance the Constitution relieves the decision-making process from the executive and legislature and gives it directly to the people.

We respectfully urge Your Excellency to submit for the record to the Executive Council that any decision suggesting that Albania receive the Syrian chemical weapons is the referendum and will be subject to Albania’s domestic Constitution and laws. Such language should also be included in the Council’s Decision.

We thank Your Excellency very much for your deep commitment to this verymportant and delicate matter.

Respectfully submitted,

Aleanca Kundër Importit të Plehrave



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